Should your business go ‘remote-first’?

Since the last of New Zealand’s lockdowns, many businesses have ditched remote working for good. But what are the benefits
of taking a ‘remote-first’ approach?

Around the world, an increasing number of companies are making remote working the default option for staff, abandoning the office completely in favour of a more flexible model.

With a ‘remote-first’ approach, employees can work when and where it is most convenient for them. Each member of your team
can perform their duties remotely, and the needs of remote workers are prioritised.

In a remote-first workplace:

– All employees can work 100% remotely if they want to

– There’s a small office or hub available for those in similar locations to socialise and collaborate

– The needs of remote employees come first

– All meetings are online

The benefits of going remote-first:

– A broader talent pool: There are no restrictions on where your staff members can be based when you adopt a remote-first strategy.  You could hire the best talent from across New Zealand or overseas. If staff are working from overseas, please do talk to us to manage both overseas and New Zealand tax considerations.

With the net cast wider, your talent pool could increase tenfold, giving you the edge as you look for the best staff.

Happier staff: Remote working can improve your team’s work/life balance. Placing more trust in your employees can lead to improved performance.


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