FamilyBoost on the way – main points explained

FamilyBoost has been introduced to help pay early childhood education fees. The main points are:

  • Starts 1 July 2024.
  • It pays 25% of early childhood education (ECE) fees with a maximum of $75 a week.
  • Payments are to be subject to application and will be refundable quarterly. If you have youngsters going to preschool, be sure to find out about this and get your application sorted out.
  • You pay for the first 20 hours and the subsidy kicks in after that. If there is any MSD childcare subsidy, this has to be used up before FamilyBoost kicks in.
  • If the family income exceeds $140,000, the subsidy starts to reduce. Families are no longer eligible when income reaches $180,000.
  • Keep the invoices from childcare. They need to be submitted to Inland Revenue through the Inland Revenue website, MyIR

You can find details of how to apply on the IRD website via this link

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