Digital help just a click away

As a business, we’re often told we need to “go digital”.

Few of us can operate in the modern world without some sort of technology, but the array of digital tools can be bewildering. Even if we’re convinced we must have them, we have to work out how to use them.

Fortunately there’s one solid website that’s free from the hype of the technology corporates, and independent enough to provide sound advice – and it’s free.

Digital Boost is a government-funded tool to help small businesses “adapt to today and prepare for tomorrow”.

It’s easy to sign up and has plenty of real-world advice, mainly in the form of more than 350 videos broken down into bite-size pieces that can be accessed online and viewed when you have time.

“Whether you’re new to digital tools, or looking to take them a step further, we’ll show you how to take your business to the next level,” Digital Boost says. “Sign up to find out how to make the internet work for you.”

There are also plenty of stories by other Kiwi businesses who are successfully using digital tools, and interactive online workshops. There’s even a diagnostic tool that will test your website for performance and identify small changes that could make a difference.


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