Contactless shopping on the rise as retailers embrace technology

One of the tech trends predicted for 2024 is a big acceleration in the adoption of contactless shopping.

Large retailers trying to cut costs and boost profitability are increasingly moving to mobile and social media shopping. Small businesses aren’t far behind as they’re finding prices for the necessary technologies are becoming more manageable.

Retailers are looking at greater use of QR codes, mobile terminals and mobile wallets, which are becoming more prevalent as shoppers use them more often to shop and pay. These technologies can be lifesavers for small businesses with limited staff.

It’s likely more owners of hospitality venues will throughout this year be introducing touch screen or app customer ordering systems. These “tap and pay” systems can reduce queues and ensure payment before delivery.

The clinical approach to customer service, however, creates challenges for retailers who still value person-to-person interaction. Hybrid operations that incorporate technology and the human factor are more likely, but there will be opportunities for retailers who emphasise personal service

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