Beware of cyber scams

Digital tools can help your business become more efficient, save time, and win new customers, but there are also dangers
to watch out for. Cyber-attacks and con artists could target any small business in New Zealand. Here are the latest risks:

Facebook danger

One sophisticated Facebook scam has ensnared 10 million users. Millions of people on the social network have been conned into handing over their account credentials.

The phishing scam, which is still active, pushes victims to a fake Facebook login page, where they are enticed to input their details. The scam began in September 2021 and remains active.

Worried about phishing on social media? Here’s Facebook’s advice on how to protect yourself from harm:

Don’t trust messages that:

  • Demand money
  • Offer gifts
  • Threaten to delete or ban your Facebook account


Emails about your account always come from:



Don’t click suspicious links:

  • If you get a suspicious email or message claiming to be from Facebook, then don’t click any links or attachments.
  • Don’t respond to these emails


Don’t answer messages that ask for your:

  • Password
  • Account numbers or important personal identifying information
  • Credit card information

Email phishing

Cybercriminals used Covid-19 to create new scams, and more recently, the monkeypox virus was used to target unsuspecting victims.

Criminals have been creating bogus resources for businesses to ‘learn more’ about safety precautions. The perpetrators send businesses a link to a bogus domain and a compromised website.


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