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Monday October 13, 2014


Seamless Solutions specialises in sourcing and distributing an extensive range of products for loyalty programmes within New Zealand.  They specialise in accurate processing of single units, and provide a reliable fast service level where the end customer’s experience is always paramount.


At Seamless Solutions they offer both specialised warehouse storage as well as distribution direct to the customer.  Products are stored in a dust free environment on purpose built racking to ensure that the products remain in optimum condition.


With customers such as Fly Buys, ANZ World Visa and Warehouse Stationery, and products from Lego to Royal Dalton and Trilogy, the team hand pack each order to ensure that care is taken in protecting items to ensure they travel safely to the customer.


Seamless Solutions are passionate that all aspects of their operation meet their exacting standards.  With a hands-on approach they care that the end customer enjoys superior service.  Have a look at