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Friday November 13, 2015

Lead from the Front

Blair Stevenson of Brava Ltd has been helping businesses improve team performance and profitability over the last 19 years.  He has discovered for effective leaders there are 7 disciplines.


Effective leaders have systems to help them to make smarter, data-driven decisions to improve their leadership effectiveness, employee engagement and business performance. 


So having a system makes a lot sense.  But how do you go about putting one in place?


One example comes from a manager who’s managed the highest performing business unit in a large organisation for three consecutive years.  The secret to his team’s success was that every time he got out of his chair, he’d go looking for good things.  He said that it didn’t matter what he was going to do; whether he was going to get a coffee, see a customer, or go to the printer, he’d make sure he walked past one or two of his people, pay attention to what they were doing, and if they were on track he’d pass a positive comment.


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