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Monday August 25, 2014

Adding value through communication

At Marley Loft, we want to do things differently so that you and your business benefit.

As your business partner, we provide more than just accounting support. We are here to help you to really understand the workings of your business, to encourage and motivate you, and to connect you with other service providers as your business grows and develops or changes direction.

So it makes sense that we should be in regular contact with you – providing accounting hints and tips, reminding you of upcoming tax payments and deadlines, or providing you with accounting tools to make life easier. 

By taking a proactive approach to your business and sharing our knowledge and insight, we aim to help you get the most out of your business and make informed financial decisions.

We are going to be updating this blog on a fortnightly basis with posts that explore and explain various aspects of business accounting that can add real value to your business.

We will use real life examples to explain some of the accounting concepts and show you how they help to enhance your business operations.

Our aim is for each and every client and business partner to ‘Know Your Numbers’. It is all about helping you to:

  • Fully understand your business;
  • Make more informed decisions;
  • Protect your assets;
  • Secure your future; and
  • Achieve personal and business goals.

We will look deeper than year-end financial statements so that you have a comprehensive understanding of your financial position at any point in time and are able to react and respond appropriately to new business opportunities.

Communication is key. But it shouldn’t be all one way. We really want to hear from you. What topics would you like us to explore or explain on our weekly blog posts? Let us know what is important to you and your business and we will address these specific issues in upcoming posts. Give us your feedback on our posts and tell us how the information has helped you in your business. Other people will value your comments too.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and tailoring this blog to best suit your business needs.