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Monday October 20, 2014

Accounting support when you need it

For too many businesses, seeking advice from an accountant can be a little bit like going to the Doctor. 


Unfortunately, many people only do it when something is wrong and they need a solution. Or they pop in for a yearly check-up to make sure they are in good nick.


But it shouldn’t be this way.


You should have a proactive approach to your health and wellness as well as to your business finances in order to stay strong and able to maintain healthy business growth and profit.


The best approach to establishing a new business is to form a partnership with key advisors and suppliers early on in the process. Find people that you trust and respect, either through personal recommendation or via business networks and meet with them to talk through your plans.


Your accountant, lawyer and business banker will all provide you with important counsel so don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek their advice.


Once you have a strong relationship in place, you should meet to establish and agree business objectives and goals, and meet regularly to review business progress.


At Marley Loft, we take a proactive approach to wellbeing, looking after both your personal and business affairs. So you don’t just see us for your annual health check – we keep in regular contact with you.


You hear from us with reminders for upcoming payment deadlines, with tips and hints for getting the most out of your business, and with invitations to business or industry events. We also have a regular newsletter to provide you with business insight, updates to legislation, or changes in the tax schedule.


But best of all, we are also here for you when you need it most. A call or email to any of the team at Marley Loft will always be answered and your issue resolved or questions answered as swiftly as possible.


We love to see our clients’ businesses grow and to know that we have had a part in helping them achieve their success.


If you are setting up a new business or know someone else in your circle that is thinking of going out on their own, let them know about the team at Marley Loft. We can match our skills and expertise to their requirements, and best of all, the initial consultation is free.