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Tuesday January 20, 2015

Business estate planning

While most of us get around to putting a personal Will in place in the event of the unexpected, unfortunately business estate planning (or a ‘business Will’) is less common but equally as important.

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Monday December 15, 2014

Essential financial foundations - bookkeeping

It’s both typical and understandable – a new business owner with a tight cash flow sets up their own accounts using a reputable accounting software package.

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Tuesday December 9, 2014

There is nothing surer than...

Just a reminder about planning for taxes.  Yes, we know it is not good news at this time of year, but unfortunately one of life’s realities.

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Monday December 1, 2014

Strategies for tax minimisation

Death and taxes – we all know the saying. While none of us want to pay tax, we know it’s inevitable.

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Monday November 17, 2014

Pricing products and services

An integral part of business success is knowing what to charge for your products and/or

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